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OCR is the process of electronically changing the content in an image into an editable format. There are various grounds why you might need to use the OCR technique, but you should focus on the two main purposes of OCR. The first reason to make an OCR is to store all the useful textual content in your local storage. The second purpose of OCR is to reuse the extracted text in another resource. OCR technology and this Image to text conversion can increase your handling and workflow management, so we recommend trying it out.

OCR stands for optical character recognition. You must know that many online and applications are used to make an image to text extraction. Below we have listed the most suitable OCR tools for our readers!

The best Image to text converter tools for 2021

Suppose you are interested in making an image to text conversion. In that case, you should know about the best converter tools found on the web today!

Image to Text converter by SearchEngineReports

The Image to text converter by SearchEngineReports is one of the safest online tools that you can use. This Image to text converter can easily be found on the ‘text analysis tools’ section of this website. This tool’s working process is quite simple, and you can run it on any you want with no restrictions. The program’s working is based online so you would only need a browser and a good connection to make the conversion.

In this online free tool’s main interface, you would find the icon that says ‘upload images’ you have to use this icon to enter the images into the tool or you can also use the image URL for an image published online. After adding the input, you have to click on the ‘convert’ button, and the tool would start its magic. You will get the text converted from the Image in less than three to five seconds!

Free OCR

This is another free service that can be used for Image to text conversion. This Image to text converter tool is among the most popular software or tools that you can find on the internet. The reason behind this tool’s popularity is that it cannot only cater to images for conversion, but it can also help you convert scanned pdf files to word or text format for free. Furthermore, you should know that this optical character recognition tool can also cater to all sorts of image formats and files in its interface.  The OCR tool is extremely easy to use, and you don’t need any practice to run it. Moreover, it supports different languages, and there is no limitation in the size of the Image!

Read Iris

This Image to text converter tool would also help you convert images to textual format and then in aggregate, splitting, and even editing the textual content for free. This free OCR tool has expertise in catering to all sorts of image formats and scanned pdf files which makes it a very versatile tool. This tool’s working is simple, and you can make a conversion with just a few mouse clicks. This tool’s OCR feature makes it capable of finding all sorts of text, equations, and even symbols from an image. The best thing about using this Image to text converter is that it protects the text’s original in the converted format.

Image to text converter by SmallSEOTools

The Image to text converter tool by SmallSEOTools is one out of 100s of free online tools offered by this website. The working of this tool is as simple as soup. You do not need any experience to run it, and you need to open the tool on your browser and enter the images you need to convert in the upload box. You can insert images from your local storage, dropbox and even from drive. After insertion of the images, you have to tap on the ‘convert’ button, and you would see that the tool would convert images to text in less than five seconds. This tool is famous for being both accurate and efficient in Image to text conversion!

OCR online by Duplichecker

The Image to text converter by Duplichecker is also one of the leading tools in this league. This Image to text converter tool also works for free on all sorts of devices. As it is an online-based tool, you can run it on any browser you want. The best feature of this Ocr tool is that it can in every language to convert text to your desired language with this service. The tool has a neat and clean interface which makes the working even simpler and easy for newbies. You can convert all sorts of text, equations, and characters from an image with this online Image to text converter!

If you want to save time and the expense wasted in the manual conversion of images to text, you should definitely try one of them!


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