Xiaomi 11: 76.79% of users do not support “the new mobile phone packaging box cancels the included charger”

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Following the cancellation of the included chargers for the Apple iPhone 12 and the new iPhone 11 in the name of environmental protection, on December 26, Xiaomi officially announced that it would cancel the included chargers in response to the call for environmental protection of . And Xiaomi will hold a Xiaomi 11 press conference at 19:30 on December 2, and will announce the specific way to cancel the charger.

Xiaomi 11: 76.79% of users do not support

According to the ” Survey: The new mobile phone box does not include a charger, is it supported?” 》Article, now the survey results are released. A total of 5165 people voted. Among them, 23.21% of users support canceling the included charger, believing that it is environmentally friendly and reducing waste; 76.79% of users do not support canceling the included charger, which will increase personal costs, etc. .


previously reported that Apple’s vice president of marketing for the iPhone line, Kaian Delance, responded that the iPhone has many new features to attract consumers to buy, and this pricing is also appropriate. There are many chargers and earphones piled up in the user’s home . They did this out of environmental considerations.

Xiaomi also announced the new packaging of Xiaomi Mi 11, which is so light and thin. Xiaomi also said that today, everyone has a lot of idle chargers. This is your trouble and a burden on the environment.

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