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 FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Gameplay Has Dropped And It Is A Massive Improvement

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team gameplay has been released online and it is said to be the most responsive in years.

YouTuber MattHDGamer went at it with HeyUAlriGht in regular match with a batch of cards.

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Sports has so far confirmed a vast number of changes are coming and Matt believes the passing is a lot more responsive.


He claims the passing is far more accurate especially when you put more power on a ball, compared to FIFA 20.

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Gameplay also looks to be much faster in this iteration of the franchise, after a slower pace in FIFA 20.

It’s explained that faster gameplay is down to players and first touches being more responsive, allowing for greater control of your team.

A comparison to FIFA 17 is made in terms of the new dribbling techniques.

It’s stressed that the dribbling will take a lot of practising but once mastered, it will be incredibly useful against highly rated defenders.

Image Credit: MattHDGamer/YouTube

Image Credit: MattHDGamer/YouTube

When it comes to heading, improvements have been made across the board to give you more of a chance from netting at corners.

Finesse shots have been tweaked and a number of different animations are used to keep the game looking fresh.

Blocking has been redefined and “controlling tackling technology” help keep it more realistic.

Skipping celebrations is another new feature which is set to “reduce toxicity” in the franchise.

Explaining the reductions, gameplay producer Sam Rivera said

“There are people who play a lot of matches in the weekend and they need to complete 30 matches in a certain amount of time.


Image Credit: MattHDGamer/YouTube

Image Credit: MattHDGamer/YouTube

“We really felt like there were instances where if we’re giving you an experience, it has to be smooth and it has to be to the point. I just want to come here and play; that’s what the game is for.

“I score a goal and then I’m going to watch all the replays, walk back and take 15 seconds to take the kick-off – we don’t really celebrate those types of behaviours so we want to keep the game to the point.

“The game flow is so important and we need to keep it as short as possible. I play a lot of FIFA and for years I’ve felt we needed to trim this animation down so you don’t have 15 seconds of celebration plus ten replays…


“It’s a change the hardcore community are going to appreciate a lot.”

Image Credit: MattHDGamer/YouTube

Image Credit: MattHDGamer/YouTube

Back in Matt’s game, he ends up winning a thrilling contest 6-5 after being 5-1 down early on.

FIFA 21 launches on PlayStation 4 and on October 9.

Are you excited for FIFA 21 and do what do you think of the gameplay tweaks?

Let us know in the comments below.

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