Dark Mode comes to Google Search Engine PC

Google has started rolling out an update for its search engine to PC users. You will get a pop-up message about the availability of a dark theme. Initially, this message was available only to users that open the Google search engine on a PC in incognito mode. Subsequently, other platforms confirmed that dark mode is available.

Google Search Engine

The prompt redirects users to a customization that allows them to choose between light, dark, or system theme. This means that the search engine will adapt to the system theme settings in Windows and macOS, making convenient for those who prefer to switch between themes regularly.

Google Search Engine

It is also reported that for some, the function is still disabled after refreshing the page or when switching to image search. Back in May last year, the company tested the ability to create themes in mobile browsers using a hidden flag.

The addition of a dark theme for Google Search will be a welcome addition for everyone, especially those working in poorly lit environments.



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