Best Screen Recorders for Computer Screen (2021)

Best Screen Recorders for Computer Screen (2021)

A screen recorder is an excellent alternative for those starting out in the distance learning market.

The screen recording program is economical for those who want to create an course and make video lessons available since the investment in equipment to record the contents is usually expensive, especially for those just starting out.

This post is intended to show you 4 or browser extensions to record your desktop, browser guide, or a specific window. All applications presented are free. However, some offer paid plans with some benefits.

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RecordCast Online Screen Recorder

Since this is a quiet lengthy article, we have added a table of contents for easier navigation.

This website allows you to record your screen without using any extension or external application. With just a few clicks, you can record your entire screen, tab, or application window. Before starting the recording, the site asks which sound you want to capture, from the browser itself, microphone, or without RecordCast is useful for you to make videos showing your screen, your voice, and your face at the same time, in a practical way.

Best Screen Recorders for Computer Screen (2021)

Besides, in the end, it allows you to edit the recording video in 1080p resolution with a built-in video editor.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is one of the most comprehensive platforms in this post, offering a marketing and sales service for your videos, in addition to having a platform for editing videos after recording. There are also some improvements that must be purchased separately to improve your video editing.

Best Screen Recorders for Computer Screen (2021)

They also have an API available for you to add a screen recording button on your website. However, for that, you must have an account, even if free, on the platform.


Screencastify is much simpler, but it is still a powerful recorder, having the possibility to record a browser tab, the entire screen, or just your webcam. If you want to record your screen together with the webcam,, you can position it anywhere you want. The use of the microphone is also allowed, as well as the recording of videos offline.

The application contains tools for the mouse such as click animation, highlighting the mouse in the recording, and a pen in which it is allowed to draw on the screen while recording.

Best Screen Recorders for Computer Screen (2021)

It offers great ease when publishing videos, allowing direct uploading to youtube, and creating a link to google drive. Regarding the formats, it has support for , mp3, and animated gifs.


Loom is a fantastic tool for recording the PC screen, showing not only a PowerPoint but any educational application you have installed or a web page. Loom also allows the recording of audio and your image through the webcam and makes annotations on the screen.

You will see that the final result has a very attractive design, your image appearing in a circle instead of the classic rectangle we are used to. As an advantage, you can hardly see the background of the room from which you record, eliminating any potential distraction.

Best Screen Recorders for Computer Screen (2021)

As we saw above, we bring you some options for free screen recorders to facilitate your recording or video transmission. For those who want to share professional-quality material, you should invest in these tools. Through the options above, it is possible that your classes will be more interactive and dynamic.



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