WhatsApp to Rolls Out Mute Video Option and More Features

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Facebook-owned popular messaging platform, WhatsApp has released a new update. The new update which is now rolling out to its users has a new feature called “mute video option”. More features are still being upon which will be rolling out later in the future.

WhatsApp to Rolls Out Mute Video Option and More Features

These updates are coming after a long period of a Privacy Policy brouhaha in which prompted some users to switch to other messaging platforms.

Mute Video

Since this is a quiet lengthy article, we have added a table of contents for easier navigation.

The new WhatsApp “mute video” update is available in version beta, gives users the possibility to mute videos before sending them to ! The toggle is available in the section where you usually edit the video.

WhatsApp to Rolls Out Mute Video Option and More Features

The feature is currently rolling out to beta testers before the normal users. If you are a beta tester, kindly update your WhatsApp messenger for the new update to be effective.

Mention Badge

The new feature is pretty simple: when a WhatsApp user receives a mention in a group chat, a new badge would be added in the group cell.

However, the feature is under development, and it will be available in a future update.

New Sticker Pack

WhatsApp has also released a new animated sticker pack called “Taters n tots”. It is available for previous versions as well.

However, a few weeks ago, WhatsApp announced that it has launched its official account, available on your STATUS within the WhatsApp messaging platform, which similarly to Instagram’s stories and comprises time-limited updates shared with contacts.

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