Snapdragon 888 mobile phone iQOO 7 performance benchmark exposure: over 750,000, higher than Qualcomm’s reference prototype

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mobile phone officially announced today that the new generation iQOO 7 launch conference will be officially held at 19:30 on January 11, 2021. It can be seen from the poster that the machine will support the “full-sensing touch” function.

iQOO mobile phone officially announced the performance Audio- Technica configuration , the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform + enhanced version of LPDDR5 + enhanced version of UFS 3.1, will bring you a sense of strength.

This afternoon, Antutu said that a new vivo model “V2049A” was found in the background. Judging from the configuration, it may be the upcoming iQOO 7.

In terms of configuration, the new machine uses a 2400×1080 resolution display, built-in 12GB memory and 256GB body storage space, and is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 888 mobile platform.

In terms of running points, the current score reported by AnTuTu backstage is 752935 points, which has exceeded the running points of the Snapdragon 888 reference design prototype announced by Qualcomm.

In terms of sub-scores, the CPU score is 200616 points, the GPU score is 340539 points, the MEM score is 114445 points, and the UX score is 97335 points.

Among them, the performance of GPU is very eye-catching, about 20,000 points higher than the performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 reference design prototype, which means that iQOO 7 is very good in terms of heat dissipation design, which helps to liberate more of the potential of Adreno 660 GPU.

It should be noted that the current results detected in the background should still come from the engineering prototype. It is not ruled out that the running score of the mass production version will increase further in the future. We will wait and see.

This has also been officially confirmed by iQOO mobile phone.

photos of the new machine iQOO 7 and announced that the machine will become the official KPL machine, equipped with Qualcomm’s latest flagship platform Snapdragon 888 .

The super cup of this machine will still adopt the rear three-camera, cloud-level module design, cancel the super-outsole GN1 sensor, and replace it with a normal outsole main camera. The middle cup and the big cup are also triple shots, and unnecessary shots are eliminated.

In other respects, iQOO 7 now seems to have passed the national 3C certification and supports 120W fast charging. There is also news that iQOO 7 will be equipped with vivo’s new operating .

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