Samsung Galaxy S22 has a powerful cameras

Today is the day of the new versions at TechReen. First, we talked aboutAndroid 12 which will arrive later this year and even the first images are already known. You can read more about it here. Now, here we have news about S22. And they are good. All because they reveal a very interesting detail at the camera level. Basically, it is a current trend considering all the innovations that have appeared in the field of photography. But after all, what’s up with the new Galaxy S22 camera to be as powerful as cameras? Let’s find out now.

Galaxy S22: as powerful as cameras!

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While the world is still receiving the Galaxy , eyes are already beginning to be on the new model. It’s always like that. sources have revealed that Samsung will bet on really powerful cameras. As powerful as cameras. The characteristics at the level of photography are not known for certain. Just what I mentioned. But there is news in the . It seems that Samsung is testing the 8K video recording at 60fps on the Galaxy S22. However, at this point, there is still a problem. After five minutes, the prototype overheats. So it is necessary to find solutions.

Samsung added an 8K video capability to the Galaxy S20 and allowed recording at 24fps. However, due to heating problems, it is only possible to record for five minutes. However, the Galaxy S21 has the same limitation.

Samsung Galaxy S22 has a powerful cameras
Galaxy S21

But there is a big question!

What platform is Samsung using on the Galaxy S22 prototype? After all, the Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 1200 chipsets only support 8K video recording at 30fps (but can play 8K at 60fps). It makes us think it will be a new Exynos! Samsung is expected to make the new Exynos processor available in the second half of this year, which will support 8K video recording at 60fps. That said, the Korean giant may already be experimenting with the new prototype.

Will Samsung solve the problem with heating? 

The sources reveal that there are no certainties. The problem is that if the situation continues to overheat this novelty may be postponed for the Galaxy S23.



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