Samsung announced HDR10+ adaptive function: video quality can be adjusted according to ambient brightness

 For some time, Samsung has been cooperating with multiple parties to promote the development of the HDR10+ format. Today, Samsung Electronics announced a new HDR10 + adaptive function, an improvement to the open source HDR10 + format, which can provide the best video quality according to ambient lighting.

Samsung said that in general, viewing HDR content in a dark environment is the most appropriate, but the user’s viewing environment may be very different. It depends on various factors such as room light, time, and distance from the window.

It is reported that the HDR10 + adaptive function utilizes the TV’s light sensor to support dynamic scene-by-scene optimization. At the same time, all HDR10 content in Prime Video will be provided in HDR10 + adaptive form on compatible Samsung TVs.

Samsung said that the HDR10+ adaptive function also supports Filmmaker to provide a real movie experience.

learned that HDR10 + adaptive function will be launched in Samsung 2021 QLED TV , which is expected to be released in the next few days.



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