PayPal Closed Down Payment Services In India

PayPal has on Friday 5, 2021 announced that it will shut down payment services in India this fiscal year, and related merchant contracts will be terminated on April 1.

PayPal Closed Down Payment Services In India

According to a PayPal spokesperson, the company had already started plan to optimize its business when the epidemic broke out in India. Finally, they decided to focus on helping Indian merchants who wish to conduct cross-border trade and export to conduct cross-border remittance business.

By the way, PayPal has 3 technology centers in India. It is also its largest technology center outside the US . Indian operations include PayPal’s payments gateway and aggregator services for online merchants and brands.

“In the early days of the pandemic, when the ’s measures to curb the virus were gaining momentum, we started planning how we can protect our business and optimize our growth here,” the spokesperson told ET.

“India is a very crucial market for PayPal, and after a thorough analysis, we decided that we are placed here to focus on enabling cross-border trades and exports for Indian businesses aiming to go global.”



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