Medieval GTA “Grand Theft Auto” goes live on Steam

As reported on December 22 that a game called “Rustler ()” was launched on Steam. The official said this is an open-world, action game with God’s perspective, which reproduces the classic GTA game style and incorporates Completely disloyal to the historical medieval background.

Medieval GTA

Medieval GTA

Medieval GTA

The official said that in the game, you will become a medieval thug in an open world full of pop culture bits. Complete crazy missions, kill heroes, steal steeds, repel guards, rob farmers, and listen to the bards. Talking… All this is presented in a classic game style.

In this world, you will experience the justice of the feudal society, the hunting of witches, participating in competitions… Encounter brave but cerebral palsy knights and complete various weird tasks. Don’t worry about the plot. You can walk or ride a stolen horse and attack with a sword or crossbow. Monty Parson’s absurd humor can be seen everywhere in the game.

Naija Tech News understands that this game will be released in Q1 2021. It will support Jianzhong. The configuration requirements have not yet been announced .

Steam link: click here

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