In the face of these crazy plug-ins, “Call of Duty Mobile Games” is still too weak

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Recently, with the launch of “Call of Duty Mobile Games” on all major platforms, players have poured into the game, but unexpectedly, the subsequent plug-ins have seriously affected the gaming experience of most players.

In the face of these crazy plug-ins,

In fact, not only did this situation appear in “Call of Duty Mobile Games”, as early as “Peace Elite” was still called “PUBG Mobile: Stimulate the Battlefield”, the plug-in already had a fairly mature system. The plug-in studio earns profits from popular mobile games, has studied a series of plug-in methods, and has broken away from the simple method of simply opening plug-ins, and has begun to cheat in the game in the form of a team to win.

Today we are going to borrow the history of plug-in development in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Stimulating the Battlefield to talk about the problem of game plug-ins.

The history of plug-in development of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Stimulating the Battlefield

Since this is a quiet lengthy article, we have added a table of contents for easier navigation.

Single pass era

As the saying goes, there are rules in action, and terminology in art, and there are a lot of my own idiots when opening the ring. The single-through rapid refers to a simple perspective plug-in. This is the beginning of the mobile game plug-in era, and the player’s plug-in idea is very simple and clear, which is to make yourself stronger and have “special functions”. At this time, the plug-in is still a pure perspective function, allowing players to have a sharp eye and see everyone’s location. Although simple, for players of that era, this feature is enough to make them ahead of many players.

In the face of these crazy plug-ins,

The game of this era is also in its infancy. Many things are not well understood by players. Players in the embryonic stage may pay more attention to the content of the game than victory. Therefore, there are not many openers, even a few people. When the game entered the hot period, the external fairy war had just begun.

Era of violence

With the increasing number of game users, more and more players experience fun in the game, but people’s desires are far from being satisfied. In order to compete for business among many users, the plug-in studio has strengthened the plug-in function extremely violently. The perspective of this low-level function has been unable to gain a position among the many plug-ins, and the immortal plug-in stands out during this period.

In the face of these crazy plug-ins,

This era has given birth to many well-known plug-ins, such as the super fast hook of “Big Brother Buying a hook”, the flying hook of “Sword Flying”, the deformed hand hook of “One Piece” and so on. The functions of these plug-ins are extremely exaggerated, and because the official ban on plug-ins at that time was quite backward, it led to the rampant and rampant development of plug-ins. At that time, the plug-in studio also extended its hands to the mobile phone simulator platform, breaking the server gap between the computer simulator and the mobile game, and matching players from two different platforms.

In the face of these crazy plug-ins,

Although it sounds like a simple cross-platform operation, it means that plug-ins that could only be made on the mobile platform can now even be developed on the PC platform, and the functions will be even more exaggerated. At this time, the plug-in has changed from a modification function to an emulator-level existence.

Apple era

But the official is not a vegetarian. The rampant plug-ins have increased their seizures, and they will be ruthlessly banned when they are opened on the Android platform. Therefore, the plug-in team will look at Apple’s iOS platform.

In the face of these crazy plug-ins,

Of course, even if it is the iOS platform, the opening and closing will be blocked, but the difference between the platforms gives the opportunity to plug in. Because iOS can switch cloud servers, similar to accelerators, it can effectively disrupt official data queries to achieve anti-blocking effects. There are even plug-in studios that directly modify the hardware to achieve the effect of anti-sealing.

But this is not a perfect solution, even if the above methods are used, there are still risks. Until the next season, the game function that changed the plug-in logic was updated.

See through the era

In the S5 season, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Stimulating the Battlefield updated the watch function, and because of this simple function, it completely changed the game plug-in pattern.

The general opening logic is: use plug-ins for your own devices and accounts, and try to use all means to prevent official seizures. After the watch function is turned on, players can use the trumpet to turn on the plug-in function, and use the watch function to achieve perspective and other means. Moreover, although the official can seize the opened trumpet, it is of no importance to the opening player, and it does not take much time to re-register a trumpet.


Although the official banning of this phenomenon was also started in the later period, the magic is one foot and the other is one foot high. If there is a policy, there will be countermeasures. If you want to stop the plug-in phenomenon, you have to start with the players at the source. There will be a market if there is interest, and the opening phenomenon of “Call of Duty Mobile Games” is like a repeat of this history. We don’t know how long the struggle with plug-ins will last, or even how many plug-in eras may need to go through, but it is clear that this incorrect attitude towards the game will always ruin them.

The development of game plug-ins

Stand-alone self-entertainment

The earliest history of players opening and hanging, at least from the Atari period, but the most contact with domestic players may be the game plug-in on the PC-the Kingsoft series of software. Although this software is not a professional cheating software, it accidentally has the most primitive cheating function-data modification. Early games did not have too many operating elements and space. The game flow and results were often determined by numerical values, which made cheating in the game quite simple and easy.


Kingsoft series software can locate and track game data and make changes. If the corresponding data is not found, the player can locate the data he wants to modify by changing the data in the game operation. I have to say that the players at that time also put a lot of effort into experiencing the joy of cheating.


Up to now, players’ cheating methods have been enriched, not only have specially made modifiers, but many games even come with game consoles. Players are also enjoying it, and some players have begun to claim to be the “Wind Spirit Moon Shadow” genre, that is, the genre of cheaters. But most of these belong to the player’s self-entertainment, after all, the experience of a stand-alone game has always depended on the player.

On-hook acceleration of online games

Cheating in stand-alone games can be regarded as self-entertainment for players, but cheating in online games is a serious disruption of the game balance and ecology. In the era when “Dungeon and Warriors” was popular, it has always been quite difficult to upgrade the game account level. Compared with the “one dollar 999” of today’s games, most of the previous MMORPG games require a lot of time to develop characters. . And this makes many plug-in studios smell business opportunities.


The plug-in studio started the power leveling business, through customized scripts, so that the player characters do not need to operate by themselves, and automatically upgrade the monsters. You can even the service. You can customize what players need to add points, and any roles that are transferred. Such scripts greatly shorten the time invested by players, but also greatly reduce the fun of the game. Cheating players in this period seem to have forgotten the fun at the beginning of the game.

Commercialization of plug-ins for gaming

In today’s age when e-sports is prevalent, plug-ins have become cancerous.

In the face of these crazy plug-ins,

Plug-ins not only destroy the balance of the game, but also spread incorrect values. It is a game that pursues fairness and justice, but it incorporates the fluke of infringement of rules and the distortion of unscrupulous means for profit, making the entire online game market now filthy.


E-sports players do whatever they can to win, game anchors open up support for program effects, and players improve points for face leveling. The game has become a deformed comparison tool. Plug-in-has become a magic mirror of people’s desires. There will be a market if there are benefits, and the plug-in studios can prevail, only if players need to continue to this day . Compared to playing games, I think these open players are more like being played, manipulated by capital, and deep in the whirlpool of vanity.


Whether it’s the “Call of Duty Mobile Game” that is everywhere now, or the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield” that used to have several plug-in eras, or the “APEX” that directly destroyed the game experience with plug-in ads, the experience of these games is destroyed by plug-ins . What makes players helpless and distressed is that the users of these plug-ins were once like them a player who wanted to experience the fun of the game. Is it really necessary to plug in games?

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