How To Stream Live Shows On Cruise TV For Free Without Data

Hello guys, I’ll be introducing a new TV channel in form of an app called Cruise TV. Cruise TV is dedicated to promote the African Culture Heritage; has been designed to cater for all ages and all races throughout Africa.

In this article, I will be showing you how to stream your favorite TV show for free using Cruise TV. They have also introduced new interesting channels. Cruise TV is a broadcasting station that focus on promoting African heritage.

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With Cruise TV app, you can stream live shows as it’s been scheduled on a daily basis. And as a of fact, you can stream on the app free of charge without data on your MTN sim only.

The channel offers a unique experience in digital broadcasting. As a corporate organization, they are firmly committed to provide the highest level of services without exception.

Cruise TV gives you the opportunity to stream daily live shows for free using your MTN sim. This opportunity is available for only MTN users.


Like i said, the app is free for MTN subscribers only. Meaning, you can stream with the app without data on your MTN sim.

Cruise TV app is available on Playstore. You can download it here.

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It is totally free for MTN users, CLICK HERE to download the app.


Stream free daily show, enjoy this opportunity as MTN customer.



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