How to delete/Remove a website from Ezoic

How to delete from ,remove a website from Ezoic, uninstall Ezoic
We are aware why you have stumbled on this our web page, you had probably wants to remove a website from Ezoic platform to resolve all the issues and inconveniences it has caused you already. Anyways, we would walk you through and have your issues resolved. So read on…

How to delete/Remove a website from Ezoic

Technology platform for websites that improves website earnings, site speed, & using artificial intelligence to streamline the management of , content and bla bla bla.

Though, Ezoic is a Google award-winning platform for publishers. Ezoic was inspired by the idea that with the growing complexity of the digital ecosystem, many publishers struggle to make critical decisions. With so many competing priorities and goals to balance, publishers needed an objective way to optimize, streamline, and balance all the elements that make digital publishers successful.


Without further wasting time, below is a step to take to correct all the wrongs on the website;

  1.  Uninstall cloudflare app
  2. switch ezoic off
  3. Goto settings in Ezoic remove cloudflare (Site integration)
  4. Delete website from Cloudflare account
  5. Re-add site to Cludflare account (if you run Cloudflare)
  6. Under Ezoic DNS Settings, Overrides the YES to NO


This is the only solution to resolving all the problems caused by Ezoic tool.

Hope it helps, and do drop a line via the comment below.

thats all, cheers.



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