Hisense released the world’s first “social full-color laser TV

According to Hisense official news, at CES, the Chinese company Hisense appeared as the first company and officially released the world’s first full-color laser TV with social functions, L9F, and other new products.

Hisense released the world's first

Hisense released the world's first

Hisense released the world's first

The President of Hisense Video, announced that Hisense has launched a full range of full-color laser TV products ranging from 75 inches to 100 inches, and fully popularizes full-color laser TVs.

Naijatechnews has learned that the new Hisense full-color laser TV adopts RGB three-primary-color full-color light source architecture. The single-encapsulated laser light source does not interfere with each other, and the color rendering is more pure; the large high-brightness chip allows the screen brightness to reach up to 430 nits. Exceeds the brightness standard of TV. Hisense’s exclusive three-color laser design eliminates the color wheel mixing components, which reduces the volume of the optical engine by 30%.

Hisense said that the new TV has achieved a 128% improvement in original color, the highest color gamut standard can reach 107% BT2020, and the color gamut coverage reaches 151% of the DCI-P3 movie color standard, surpassing high-end theaters by nearly 50%.

Hisense claims to be the first TV brand to launch social TV, the first 6-channel video call , and further upgrade to support 1000 party calls. The L9F series is equipped with Table social and AI camera. Its camera supports 1080P image quality and can be adjusted by 15°. At the same time, AI full-time far-field voice can realize functions such as 6-channel video call, AI fitness, same-screen viewing, K song and microphone.

Hisense announced that in the future, Hisense will also launch a commercial laser TV solution with 10,000 lumens or more, and mass-produce curling screen laser TVs.

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