“Fortnite” developer Epic will transform a shopping mall into a new headquarters

Generally, companies are more accustomed to or renting specialized office buildings as offices, but Epic Games, the game developer of “Fortnite”, plans to renovate the shopping mall building as a new company headquarters.

According to Eurogamer, Epic Games purchased the Cary Towne Center shopping mall in Cary, Carolina, where the company’s headquarters is located , and plans to complete the renovation in 2024 as an office.

Epic said that its current plans are still in the initial stage, so there is no concept map to share for the being. The company hopes to integrate the office and “leisure space” with each other, and hopes to share the land with the local community. The reconstruction of this building will begin this year, and Epic will continue to work on the original site until the new headquarters is completed.

Even without considering the impact of the new crown epidemic, shopping malls in the United States have not been in a good situation for many years. The emergence of the epidemic has exacerbated this situation. Before Epic, some Internet companies would choose to buy these poorly managed shopping centers. For example, e-commerce giant Amazon will choose some locations near highway intersections, suitable as logistics stations.



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