Bitcoin Rate Approaching All-Time $30,000 High

As at the moment of publishing this article, Bitcoin is about to hit an all-time high of nearly $28,000, which is one step closer to the integer mark of $30,000.

Bitcoin Rate Approaching All-Time ,000 High

Although Bitcoin has been born for more than ten years, there are not many players who can actually access Bitcoin.

Recently, senior analyst and a reporter at “International Finance” analyzed and pointed out that this round of rise may be because the epidemic has once again intensified expectations of economic recession. Global inflation has become an unstoppable trend. Deflation assets with anti-inflation properties were originally a scarce resource, and the demand for Bitcoin has further increased.

In addition, the market’s expectations for Bitcoin compliant products have further increased. So many licensed investment institutions have established digital currency or applied to regulatory agencies to trade digital currencies. This helped to boost the price of Bitcoin.

On the whole, the apparent reason for the main push of Bitcoin’s soaring must be due to short supply.

As the analyst said, the epidemic has caused the global economic downturn. So people invest in Bitcoin is a kind of ‘safe-haven’ demand.



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