Bitcoin hits a new all-time high, analysts believe that everything has just begun

Bitcoin continued to rise at night, once approaching 27,000 US dollars per coin, and now at 26630 US dollars per coin, an increase of over 7% within 24 hours. But despite this, the market is still optimistic about the market outlook.

It is worth noting that even if Bitcoin continues to hit new highs, investors need to consider personal risk tolerance when investing. In June this year, couple committed suicide in Dalian with a huge loss of 20 million .

Some analysts pointed out that since 2016, Bitcoin has fallen by 20% and above 10 times, 7 times by 30% or more, and 4 times by more than 48%. Therefore, investors The volatility of Bitcoin should not be underestimated .

According to recent reports by APP, Huobi senior analyst Kang Luzhi believes that the unilateral rise in the market is not a sign of healthy market, but a certain correction in the market is a sign of healthy market. Kang Lvzhi believes that the market will not continue to rise, and breaking new highs does not mean that the market will continue to rise, but it will have a relatively strong impact on the psychological level of investors, and the market may form a certain buying consensus.

He said that it is not accurate to predict how many times the market will increase. During the first two halvings, the Bitcoin market also experienced a process from infancy to gradual compliance and maturity. Now the market products are gradually improving. Bitcoin The price of is gradually pushed up, and the range of market participants is getting wider, so market behavior may also be different.

At the same time, Kang Lvzhi said that the specific position of the market rise is not easy to judge, reminding investors to pay attention to risk control. This wave of quotations is mainly due to the fact that institutional users continue to enter the venue through similar gray-scale compliance channels.

According to previous reports from China Fund , the Bitcoin market has soared, and Wall Street investment predators have also released their views on the Bitcoin market. For example, Scott Minerd, chief investment officer of Wall Street giant Guggenheim Partners, stated that his company’s fundamental analysis shows that Bitcoin should be worth $400,000 .

Quantum Economics founder Mati Greenspan said: “In our view, everything has just begun . We should not use any old standards in determining the possible percentage growth.” He added: “If demand continues from the current The level has recovered and supply continues to be restricted. We are likely to see a 250% increase in the next few days or even more.”

The U.S. Treasury Department moves to strengthen Bitcoin supervision

According to the Securities Times, earlier, the U.S. Treasury Department proposed new regulations on digital currency supervision, requiring some cryptocurrency traders to provide information about their identities in order to deter criminals from using this new technology to transfer anonymous assets. The proposal has 15 days for public comment. Affected by this news, Bitcoin once fell by about US$200 in a short-term and fell below US$22,880, but soon stopped falling and recovered.

It is reported that the new regulations are mainly aimed at allowing holders of unique digital keys to store encrypted currencies and conduct transactions directly with others without having to go through the accounts of financial institutions. This kind of account usually exists in the form of U disk, computer or mobile phone software.

This type of account is usually not associated with an individual’s name or address. Regulators believe that compared with the banking system, the feature of cryptocurrency makes it more attractive to criminals and money launderers.

Under the new regulations, and cryptocurrency trading platforms will have to keep records of customers’ cryptocurrency transactions and counterparties to verify their identities in any transaction exceeding $3,000. According to the U.S. banking regulation called the “travel rule”, financial institutions must share certain information when transferring money to each other.

In addition, banks and digital currency trading platforms must report to FinCEN (Financial Crime Enforcement Network) every 15 days any cryptocurrency transaction involving uncustodial wallets and exceeding USD 10,000.



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