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Today, Apple released the new Apple 6. The new Apple Watch adds the function of blood oxygen saturation detection, which can use an infrared light sensor to measure the user’s blood oxygen level in about 15 seconds.

Naijatechnews learned that Apple Watch Series 6 hai is equipped with a 64-bit dual-core processor S6 SiP chip, and is equipped with a W3 Apple wireless chip and U1 ultra-wideband chip . Now the official detailed interpretation has come, let’s take a look.

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Apple today released Apple Watch Series 6, which brings innovative blood oxygen measurement functions to help users have a clearer grasp of their overall health. Apple Watch Series 6 has achieved a number of significant improvements in hardware, including a faster S6 SiP chip, a new generation of all-weather altimeters, and a more colorful product lineup, as well as a variety of new cases and straps to choose from. watchOS 7 brings family sharing , sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, new physical training types, and supports selection and sharing of watch faces, encouraging users to enjoy a more energetic, always online life, and to be more effective in new ways Manage your own health.

“Apple Watch Series 6 redefines the functions of watches.” Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said, “With powerful new features such as blood oxygen sensor and blood oxygen App1, users will be able to understand their overall health more clearly. It also makes Apple Watch more indispensable.”

▲ Apple Watch Series 6 brings more colorful product series.

SpO2 Sensor and SpO2 App

Apple Watch Series 6 takes the health functions of the previous Apple Watch models a step further and introduces new functions that allow users to easily measure blood oxygen saturation and thus better grasp their own overall health. Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) refers to the percentage of oxygen carried by red blood cells when they transport oxygen from the lungs to the whole body. It is an important indicator of the oxygen-carrying blood transport throughout the body.

In order to compensate for the effects of natural differences in the skin and improve accuracy, the blood oxygen sensor uses four groups of green, red and infrared LED light clusters, as well as four photodiodes, all integrated in the crystal glass back of the Apple Watch, which can measure The light reflected from the blood. Subsequently, Apple Watch will use the advanced algorithm built into the blood oxygen App to perform calculations. The blood oxygen level that the algorithm can measure is between 70% and 100%. The user can perform measurements as needed when in a static state; and the device will also perform periodic measurements in the background when the user is less active, including during sleep. All can be viewed in the Health App, and users can track the trend over a period of time to understand the changes in their blood oxygen levels.

▲Using the brand-new blood oxygen sensor and blood oxygen App, users can conveniently measure blood oxygen saturation and better understand their overall health.

Apple is currently conducting three health studies with researchers, including using Apple Watch to explore how to use blood oxygen level data in future health applications. This year, Apple will work with the University of California, Irvine and Anthem to study how to use longitudinal blood oxygen measurement and other physiological signals to manage asthma.

In addition, Apple will also work closely with researchers at the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart and the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre of the University Health Network (one of the largest health research organizations in North America) to gain a deeper understanding of blood oxygen measurement and other Apple Watch metrics How data can help manage heart failure. The Seattle Flu Study researchers from the Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine and the faculty and staff of the University of Washington School of Medicine will study how to use the data provided by Apple Watch App such as “heart rate” and “blood oxygen” for influenza and new coronary pneumonia Waiting for early warning of respiratory symptoms.

▲ The blood oxygen sensor is integrated in the crystal glass back of the Apple Watch Series 6 and consists of LEDs and photodiodes.

Design and performance

The hardware of Apple Watch Series 6 has been redesigned, while maintaining an exceptionally small appearance, it incorporates more functions and capabilities to further enhance performance. The S6 SiP chip has been upgraded to use the new dual-core processor of the A13 bionic in the iPhone 11. The speed can be increased by up to 20%, which can increase the startup speed of the App by 20%, while still maintaining 18 hours of battery life, which can meet the needs of one day. Need 2. In addition, Apple Watch Series 6 uses U1 chip and ultra-wideband antenna 3, which can support short-range wireless positioning, which brings new experiences, such as a new generation of car keys. The charging speed of Apple Watch Series 6 has also been improved. It takes less than 1.5 hours to fully charge, and the battery life has also been improved when testing specific physical training such as indoor and outdoor running.

The all-weather retina display of Apple Watch Series 6 is optimized. In outdoor conditions, when the wrist is drooping, the brightness can reach up to 2.5 times that of Apple Watch Series 5, making it easier to see the content on the dial under bright sunlight. Now, users can access the “Notification Center” and “Control Center” without lifting their wrist to wake up the watch screen, as well as tap to use complex functions and swipe to change the watch face.

▲ When the wrist is drooping, the brightness of the all-weather retina display is 2.5 times that of before.

All-weather altimeter

The all-weather altimeter adopts a new-style barometric altimeter with higher energy efficiency, and works with GPS and nearby wireless local area networks to provide real-time altitude measurement throughout the day. This function can detect small changes in altitude with a drop of 1 foot above the ground level, and can display them in the form of new dial complications or physical training data.

▲ The all-weather altimeter on Apple Watch Series 6 provides real-time altitude measurements throughout the day.

Apple Watch series

This autumn, with the introduction of more new watch cases and straps, users will have more choices for matching different styles. In addition to silver, space gray and , there is also a new blue aluminum metal case and a red Apple Watch with an exclusive red strap. The stainless steel watch model is launched in graphite color, its gray-black tone is rich in texture, with a glossy appearance, and there is also a new classic gold appearance to choose from. Apple Watch Edition models are available in primary color titanium and space black titanium.

The three new styles of watch straps do not have any buckles, bringing users a new choice and providing a comfortable and fitting wearing experience. The innovative single-turn strap is very light and uses an integrated elastic design. There are two materials to choose from: soft silicone and woven yarn. The soft silicone of the single-turn strap uses a special ultraviolet treatment process to make the surface soft and smooth; the woven single-turn strap uses 16,000 polyester yarn filaments made of 100% recycled materials, which are processed by a precision braiding machine Interwoven with ultra-fine silicone filaments, it has excellent elasticity and unique appearance. In order to ensure a comfortable fit, we have introduced a new size selection method, providing nine single-lap strap sizes. The groundbreaking leather chain strap can be elegantly wrapped around the wrist, and is easily fixed by a molded flexible magnet that can be slightly bent.

Apple Watch Nike is now launching a new color-matched Nike sports strap and Nike loop sports strap, while the new Nike compact module dial can accommodate a variety of Nike Run Club complications. Apple Watch Hermès is available in silver and space black stainless steel cases, with a series of new brightly colored Single or Double Tour straps. This year’s autumn series will also launch Hermès Attelage Single Tour and a more slender Attelage Double Tour strap, with elegant buckles, inheriting the tradition of Hermès Hermès craftsmanship, while the new Hermès Circulaire dial provides more Complication options.

▲ Apple Watch Hermès brings Hermès Attelage Single Tour strap and a more slender Attelage Double Tour strap, as well as classic style straps with new colors.

watchOS 7

With watchOS 7, the user’s personalized customization experience is further improved. They can choose from seven new dials such as Stripe, Chronograph Professional, GMT and Artist. They can also select recommendations, and can explore or share new dial settings with others. New health and fitness functions, including reminders of areas with low maximum oxygen uptake, sleep tracking, automatic hand washing detection, and new types of physical training can help users better understand their overall health. The Maps App contains cycling directions and Siri provides language translation, all of which can be easily accessed from the wrist.

Family sharing settings and features optimized for the whole family

The family sharing setting function 4 of watchOS 7 allows children and the elderly who do not have an iPhone at home to use the contact, safety and fitness functions of Apple Watch. In this way, the whole family can enjoy all the excitement of Apple Watch. Children can use communication and personalization functions to make emergency SOS contact at any time, experience the fitness record circle optimized for them, and use the new “class time” to stay focused at home and in class.

watchOS 7 also has features optimized for the elderly. You can view the time and many complex functions with a simple initial setup and a new large text dial. In addition, the health app on the iPhone provides a new health checklist, which can show whether health functions such as fall detection have been turned on in one view, which is also very suitable for elderly people.

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