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Apple announced today that watchOS 7 will launch family sharing settings, so that children and elderly people who do not have an at home can also enjoy the wonderful functions of Apple Watch in communication, health, fitness and safety. This is the first time since the birth of Apple Watch. Parents can use their iPhone to set up their children’s Apple Watch, so that children can communicate with their parents and friends through phone calls and messages, and stay motivated by personal fitness record goals. And show creativity by customizing my facial expressions.

▲With family sharing settings, the whole family including children and the elderly can enjoy the excitement of Apple Watch.

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Family sharing settings allow the whole family to experience important health and safety features of Apple Watch such as SOS emergency  , and the independence of maps, Siri, alarm clock and Store has also become stronger and can be used without the help of an iPhone. In addition, parents can contact their children at any time and learn their specific location. All personal data is securely encrypted, so parents can feel at ease. With watchOS 7, the whole family can take advantage of various optimized features to further enhance the overall experience of Apple Watch.

“This time, family members who don’t have an iPhone can also experience the excitement that Apple Watch brings. Many outstanding features will help them keep in touch with their loved ones, make their lives more dynamic, and add security.” Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said. “We are very happy to use family sharing settings to bring these features to the whole family, so that everyone can be more independent and enjoy a healthier life.”

▲Using the family sharing setting function, family members can share location information with their guardians through the Find Contact app on Apple Watch.

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Naijatechnews is informed that through family sharing settings, family members without iPhone can also make full use of many functions and apps of Apple Watch, such as making calls, sending and receiving messages, and email1. Using Apple Watch’s brand new emoticon app, users can customize their emoticons and share them with friends through messages or show them on the watch face. Parents can approve all of their children’s contacts, allowing children to safely use the communication functions of Apple Watch.

When children and old people at home use the family sharing settings, they will get their own phone numbers through a separate cellular network plan. By using their respective Apple IDs, they can view schedules and family activities in the calendar app, learn to manage various affairs with the reminder app, browse photo albums synchronized from the guardian’s iPhone, and more.

Family members who use Apple Watch through family sharing settings can play their favorite songs in through Bluetooth headsets and speakers, and can also allow Siri to answer questions or translate. Using the map app, family members can learn how to safely and independently use navigation to go to other family members’ residences, or to play in the park with friends.

Family members can share location information with their guardians through the Find Contact app on Apple Watch. The degree of self-determination of location notification is also higher. Guardians can choose to receive a certain location notification from family members, or can choose to receive location update notifications repeatedly or at a specified time.

▲The new simulacrum app in watchOS 7 allows children to create personalized information directly on Apple Watch and display it on the brand-new simulacrum dial.

▲Family members without iPhone can also take full advantage of the many functions of Apple Watch, including sharing watch faces in watchOS 7.

Fitness record

The fitness record circle is optimized for children. You can measure the duration of “activity” instead of calories burned, and you can customize the goals of the “exercise” and “standing” circles. The three physical trainings of “outdoor walking”, “outdoor running” and “outdoor cycling” have also been specially adjusted for children. “Activity” duration, exercise, distance and other indicators can all obtain corresponding achievements. At the same time, the guidance notification function is also tailored according to the child’s reading ability, and the simulacrum expression is used to add more fun. Children can also send and receive fitness record sharing invitations directly on Apple Watch, compete with friends in fitness competitions, and browse the brand new achievement medal page to celebrate one milestone after another directly on their wrist.

▲The fitness record circle is optimized for children.

Health and safety

With the SOS emergency contact function, family members who have set up family sharing settings can easily use emergency services by pressing the side button, and guardians listed as emergency contacts will also be notified automatically. Children can also access their own medical emergency card, which records important information such as their medical condition, allergy history, and medication. With permission, guardians can view the health and activities of family members through the health app on the iPhone, while children and the elderly can view their shared information through the “Settings” option of their Apple Watch.


Through the App Store on Apple Watch, children can download third-party apps directly to the device. Apps like ClassDojo (Classroom Dojo), Coloring Watch and LookUp: English Dictionary can encourage and cultivate children to develop good habits; and Calm, an app, brings mindfulness experiences tailored to the characteristics of teenagers. With family sharing settings, parents can manage the content that can be downloaded by their children through the “content access restriction” and “ask before purchase” functions.

▲Through the App Store on Apple Watch, children can download third-party apps such as ClassDojo (Classroom Dojo), Coloring Watch and LookUp: English Dictionary.

▲Through the App Store on Apple Watch, children can download third-party apps such as ClassDojo (Classroom Dojo), Coloring Watch and LookUp: English Dictionary.

▲Through the App Store on Apple Watch, children can download third-party apps such as ClassDojo (Classroom Dojo), Coloring Watch and LookUp: English Dictionary.

Class time and suspension time

The family sharing settings feature brings a new “class time” mode to help ensure that children stay focused while studying at home or in class. When the “Class Time” mode is enabled, a bright yellow circle that is easy for teachers and parents to recognize will be displayed on the dial, indicating that the current app access is restricted and the “Do Not Disturb Mode” is turned on. For convenience, parents can also set the timer function on the iPhone to let the Apple Watch automatically enter the “class time” mode at a specific time, or turn on the mode from the “control center” on the child’s watch. In order to make rational use of the device, the “Disable Time” function in “Screen Time” has now been extended to Apple Watch, and children will receive a reminder 5 minutes before the start.

▲The new “Class Time” mode can remind parents and teachers that the current app access has been restricted and the “Do Not Disturb Mode” has been turned on.

privacy protection

Privacy is a basic human right, and it is also a core value of Apple. Apple believes that all personal information on devices and iCloud, including location, communications, fitness, and health, should be protected by secure encryption. Family sharing settings have been carefully designed to ensure that parents and users can control their personal data access.

Optimized for the elderly

In addition to a series of powerful health and safety tools such as fall detection and heart rate notification, watchOS 7 also brings a number of features optimized for the elderly2. With the new software, the use and settings of Apple Watch are simpler. The new large text dial makes time and many complicated functions clear at a glance; even the activation and configuration process fully considers the needs of connection and auxiliary functions. Fitness record goals can now be customized to help users always be fully motivated; and the new health checklist in the iPhone health app can display in one place whether health functions such as fall detection are turned on.

▲watchOS 7 brings functions optimized for the elderly.

▲The large text dial provided by watchOS 7 makes the time and rich complex functions on Apple Watch clear at a glance.

Launch time and activation

The family sharing setting function will be launched as a free software update on Wednesday, September 16th, and requires the use of the cellular network model Apple Watch Series 4 or the newer model or the cellular model Apple Watch SE, while running watchOS 7, and Use with iPhone 6s running iOS 14 or later.

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